#TBT: Remember the Time This Dollar Store Manager Shouted 'I’m Pregnant Too' and He'll Still 'Whoop That Ass'?

Barbara Nelson of Kansas City, Missouri, is suing the Family Dollar stores after she purchased a laxative-spiked bottle of Coca-Cola from this Troost and Linwood Avenue store on September 10. Nelson said she saw pills in the bottle after she had taken a drink. (Jill Toyoshiba/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images)

#TBT: Remember the Time This Dollar Store Manager Shouted, 'I’m Pregnant Too,' and He’ll Still 'Whoop That Ass'?

He showed the country a little Febreze goes a long way.

Published June 9, 2016

If you’ve been keeping up with the gram lately, then you’ve seen the recirculation of a video that went viral a few years ago. The video showed a Michigan Dollar Store manager by the name of Gavyn Edlinger and several shoppers engaged in a feisty argument, an argument that ended with Febreze being sprayed at the shoppers. 

Edlinger claimed during an interview with TMZ that the women he was seen arguing with were attempting to steal from the store. He was simply just trying to let them know that they messed with the wrong one. After video of the event was posted to YouTube, Edlinger was soon fired; however, the social media culture of today turned him into an overnight sensation. 

As Edlinger’s status began to rise, many people began to debate whether or not the manager should have been fired in the first place. Some took to Twitter to appeal to his actions and argue that the company should have stood up for their employee. Others felt that his hostility, particularly his threat to a pregnant woman, was completely inappropriate. 

After much of the commotion, one of the women from the video did call the store to apologize, and Edlinger tried to have the video taken down. Although he was not successful in his attempts, he did seem to disappear from the public view. 

The only other time that he appeared to have resurfaced was in an article about a Michigan landlord that wanted to e-mail eviction notices. The article quoted a man named Gavyn Edlinger, yet it’s not confirmed as to whether or not it’s the Edlinger from the video. 

Now, Edlinger doesn’t seem to have much of an online presence. Besides the occasional clip of his video popping up as a meme, it appears that much of the country has altogether forgotten him. Be that as it may, there’s a quality about Edlinger that deserves to be recognized. 

See, we have all been there, and had those days when we really just wanted to tell someone that they chose the wrong day to mess around. And for Edlinger, that day was caught on camera, and will be forever immortalized as one of the funniest and most human exchanges between customer and vendor. 

Check out the original video below and share a moment that you went “full Edlinger” in the comment section!

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jill Toyoshiba/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images)


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