Watch: Chicago Woman Berated With Racial Slurs by White Man on Late Night Walk Home

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Watch: Chicago Woman Berated With Racial Slurs by White Man on Late Night Walk Home

She encountered a man harassing Latinos before he turned his bigotry towards her.

Published June 10, 2016

A video of a Chicago woman recording herself while a white man screams racial slurs at her has gone viral. The video was posted to Facebook by Netta Williams (who goes by Williams Netta on the social media site) and has over 15 thousand views. 

DNAinfo Chicago reached out to Williams regarding the video, who said, "Yes, we have made some progress, but I got this video against this guy, and [Donald] Trump is talking about building a wall. Let's not rest on past laurels about progress and equality. We've come far, but we have so much further to go," she said."

Williams explained that she was coming home from a friend's party in the Chicago neighborhood of Hyde Park when she encountered the man yelling insults and slurs at a group of Latinos. "A woman was screaming at him, 'I was born here,' and before him, he was saying, 'Get the Mexicans out of the country,'" Netta recounted. "I think he was just angry. First, he had tried to hit the girl and then was chased by the guys."

She then decided to turn on her camera to record the incident. "He was definitely drunk. He was upset. I put the camera on him so I could say, 'I see you, I'm not intimidated by you.' He knew he was being recorded," she said. She added that she started recording for her own safety, "If he decided to run he could have gotten me in four steps," Williams said.

The video is hard to listen to and quite scary as the man follows Netta down the street yelling at her, repeatedly calling her a "piece of s**t" and a "dirty motherf**ker." He also repeatedly uses the n-word. At one point Netta jokes, "This is how we're going to make America great again."

She captioned the video she posted to Facebook, "Nothing like a little late night racism on your commute home. I don't wanna hear s**t else about what I post about racism, and -ism really. This is just the overt stuff. The subtle (relatively) s*** harms Black people and non-Black poc every godd**n day."

Williams told DNAinfo that she wanted to share the video to show that the explicit racism that is on display in the video also exists "up North." Adding, "I don't know how you can say we are past this; we are obviously not past this."

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: mihailomilovanovic, Getty Images)


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