Crazy Video Shows a Man Get Caught While Trying to Steal an Entire Meat Section in His Pants

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Crazy Video Shows a Man Get Caught While Trying to Steal an Entire Meat Section in His Pants

Is that a rack of ribs in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

Published June 10, 2016

Recently, an unknown man was caught on camera attempting to shoplift from a grocery store. As the store clerks made him give back the stolen goods, even the person taping the incident could not silence their amazement at the amount of meat he pulled out of his pants. 

From the video, we counted three packs of meat and three full racks of ribs were just tucked away in the sweatpants of this mystery shopper. 

Also, judging by the exchange between the man and the store manager, this is not the first time he has attempted such a feat. While the man starts to apologize, the store employee can be heard saying, “This is the third time you’ve done this to me.” 

The man then goes on to reason with the employee by saying, “I’ve got kids to feed,” to which the employee responds, “So do I.” The employee then reminds the man that the same event occurred just a few days ago and that his behavior will not be tolerated. 

After the video was posted to YouTube, many commenters took the man’s side and blamed the government for allowing people in this country to go hungry. To that we say, yes, no one should have to go hungry and there should be food assistance to ensure that people can provide for their families. 

However, did you see the amount of meat in that man’s pants? In no way are we judging his situation, but stealing that much product from a store is harming the business of the store's owner, making it harder for them to feed their families. If the man needs help feeding his family, then we should see this as a lesson and he should apply for food service programs offered by his region. But if he was really just trying to throw a barbecue on the cheap, then come on, bruh. 

Check out the video below. What do you think of this mysterious meat monger? Leave a comment and let us know!

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Diana Miller/Getty Images)


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