Here’s the Reason This Girl Walked Out of Her Graduation After Getting Her Diploma

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Here’s the Reason This Girl Walked Out of Her Graduation After Getting Her Diploma

Why people are calling her the greatest of all time.

Published June 16, 2016

On June 14, Parkland High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania, held their graduation at the PPL Center. During the commencement, everything seemed to be going just as graduations usually do. Students would stand by row, line up to receive their diplomas and return to their seats.

Well, all of that changed when one student by the name of Tayler Michelle Gray stood with the rest of her row. After Gray received her diploma, she flipped the switch on everyone and walked right out the door.

Ever since she started high school, Gray had worked towards her goal of entering a career in the health field. During her junior year, she began taking classes at the Lehigh Career and Technical Institute in order to become a nurse’s assistant. She then decided to enroll in Parkland High School’s online program to finish her high school degree.

In March, she took a giant career step when she started working at a rehabilitation center for senior citizens. Then came the day for her to take that other career step, the step where she would finally receive her high school diploma.

When the day of her graduation came, Gray and her classmates waited to get the extremely coveted diploma in hand. Once Gray walked across the stage and received her diploma, she kept moving and walked right out of the building.

When asked why she left, she responded, “I walked out because I got my diploma and there was no reason for me to stay for the rest of it. I didn’t want to sit with all the people. That’s a lot of traffic to sit in after.”

She said that she never wanted it to appear disrespectful or like she was attempting to cause a scene. She simply wanted to spend more time with her family to celebrate her wonderful accomplishment.

Gray shared the video of her exit on Twitter and the public hailed her for being a real boss.

Check out the video of Gray walking out and some of the reactions below. What do you think of her walk out? Tell us in the comment section! 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: selimaksan, Getty Images)


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