Ten Years Later: The Story Behind the Man Finally Charged With Murder of Former Brooklyn Classmate

(Photo: Scott M. Stringer via Twitter)

Ten Years Later: The Story Behind the Man Finally Charged With Murder of Former Brooklyn Classmate

In 2006, Chanel Petro-Nixon was 16 years old with a bright future.

Published June 16, 2016

In the summer of 2006, Lucita Petro-Nixon reported that her daughter, Chanel, had gone missing after she never returned from a job interview. Three days later, Chanel’s body was found in a garbage bag in Brooklyn, New York's Crown Heights neighborhood. Chanel had been strangled and her killer was never found...until now.

Back in 2006, posters offering a reward for information regarding Chanel’s death had been plastered all over the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood that Chanel once lived in. However, no one ever came forward with any information related to Chanel or what happened to her.

Every year after that, Chanel’s mom, Lucita Petro-Nixon, and her husband, Garvin Nixon, held a memorial service to honor the late teenager.

Now, ten years later, a major break has happened in the case and a man has been indicted for the murder of Chanel. On Wednesday, prosecutors revealed that on the day she disappeared, Chanel had gone to meet a classmate by the name of Veron Primus.

Due to his history of kidnapping, assault and murder on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, authorities had always considered Primus a person of interest. However, they’ve never had any incriminating evidence. It was not until the case was passed off to the NYPD’s Cold Case Squad that new developments were made. In April, Robert K. Boyce, chief of detectives for the NYPD, revealed that his department had been informed on a fresh lead connecting Primus to Chanel’s murder.

Although Chief Boyce never discussed the details of the lead, last month WPIX, a New York television station, interviewed a woman that had been previously kidnapped by Primus in St. Vincent. During the interview, Mewanah Hadaway stated that before she was kidnapped and locked in a wooden enclosure, she had dated Primus. During the summer that they dated, she admitted that he showed her news clippings of Chanel’s death.

Primus is currently being held in a St. Vincent jail for other crimes. However, the State and Justice Department are working to extradite Primus, a process that could take weeks or months. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Scott M. Stringer via Twitter)


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