Uh-oh: Students Sneak Racy Photo Into School Yearbook

(Photo: Brook Pifer/Getty Images)

Uh-oh: Students Sneak Racy Photo Into School Yearbook

And this is how the school responded.

Published June 17, 2016

Students at Patrick Henry High School in San Diego found themselves in a bit of hot water after school officials were made aware of a very racy photo.

The photo, which was located on page 257 of the yearbook, showed a group of girls in a dog pile wearing bikinis. Seems harmless right? Well, all of the girls in the photo were flashing the shocker sign, a well-known hand gesture of a sexual act.

As if that’s not bad enough, the girls even took it a step further. Written out on the arms of all of the girls was a phrase that a FOX news anchor said was “[bleep] his [bleep].” Although they never said what the phrase was, we can all use our imaginations.

When the school was initially printing the yearbooks, no one noticed the photo and its graphic nature. It was not until the yearbooks were first sent to the seniors, as the school traditionally does, that it was it was made aware to school officials.

The school then took all of the yearbooks and covered the photo with a large whole-page sticker that reads, “We Made It.”

According to one student, you can still peel the sticker off and see the photo if you really want to. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Brook Pifer/Getty Images)


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