Here's Why It Took Two Years for This Woman to Be Awarded Nearly $200K for Being Punched in Face by Officer

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Here's Why It Took Two Years for This Woman to Be Awarded Nearly $200K for Being Punched in Face by Officer

The officer's assault was initially deemed professional

Published June 23, 2016

Miyekko Durden-Bosley, 25, was recently awarded $195,000 in a civil case against the city of Seattle. Two years ago, Durden-Bosley was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. When arresting officer Adley Shepherd was kicked in the head while trying to detain her, he violently punched her in the face.

Durden-Bosley sustained several injuries, including a fractured orbital bone and an extreme concussion. After she was arrested and assaulted, she remainded in jail for four days before she was released.

The entire incident was caught on the dash cam of the officer, allowing Durden-Bosley to take action against him. When she initially filed a civil suit against Shepherd and the city of Seattle, the King’s Country Prosecutors Office found Shepherd’s use of force was not criminal and that he acted professionally.

However, the Seattle police department then decided to open an investigation and they found that his use of excessive force violated department policy. Now, Shepherd has been notified that he can be fired over this incident.

Durden-Bosley sued the police department for negligent training, violations of her civil rights for excessive force and unreasonable search and seizure.

Although her reward is deserved, one has to wonder why it took so long for her to receive proper justice. When she initially filed the suit, no real action was taken to investigate the situation or the officer. It’s only after other units got involved that she is properly compensated and the officer might be fired.

Yes, this is still a win, but not exactly a success. 

The original video from the dash cam can be seen below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: 68/Ocean/Getty images)


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