Watch: This Cop Shoots at Black Teen Seven Times at Close Range

Watch: This Cop Shoots at Black Teen Seven Times at Close Range

Here's what happened to the officer.

Published June 27, 2016

Officer Robert Cooper is experiencing the consequences of his actions on a dark night in May.

On May 19, Cooper was recorded shooting at point-blank range inside a car where a teenage driver was behind the wheel. Cooper pulled over 17-year-old Antwon Gallmon, who can be seen attempting to drive away from the officer.

This is when Cooper takes out his gun and aims it directly at Gallmon. Cooper can be heard saying, “Stop! Stop! Do not make me shoot you,” while standing in front of the car at point-blank range. Cooper then fires seven shots at the car, which is still attempting to evade the officer.

Eventually, Gallmon drives away and Cooper follows him in pursuit. From the video, you can see that the driver was unarmed and not necessarily trying to run over Cooper as he claimed to his dispatcher.

One of the bullets hit Gallmon on the hand and he was hospitalized before being detained and released on bail. Cooper has been suspended with pay while the footage and the incident is placed under review.

Although Gallmon did not appear armed in the video, it was revealed that two guns as well as drugs were found in the car, which was also stolen.

Two very wrong things occurred on this night. A weapon should not have been fired that close to anyone, especially when they are unarmed. At the same time, history proves that attempting to evade an arrest does not typically end well. When in doubt, comply first, complain later. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Vstock LLC, Getty Images)


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