This White College Student Takes Plea Deal for Two Rape Cases

This White College Student Takes Plea Deal for Two Rape Cases

Guess how much (or little) time he'll serve

Published June 28, 2016

Last September, a former Indiana University Student named John Phillip Enochs was arrested and charged with two counts of rape.

Enochs was arrested after a woman claimed that he pinned her down and raped her at a fraternity house. Security video from the fraternity house corroborated the woman’s story and police then opened an investigation.

During the investigation, they discovered a similar incident that occurred in 2013 and reached out to the woman who reported it. She came forward in order to assist in the case.

Now, Enochs has reached a plea deal for his two cases. He plead guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury (a class A misdemeanor) and his two rape charges were dismissed. For his crimes Enochs will serve one year on probation.

Enochs had only served a total of one day in jail and it appears that he will not be serving any physical time behind bars for his crimes. Does his sentence have to do with his race? Of course it does. Especially since it was just revealed the judge that presided over the Stanford rape case just sentenced a Latino immigrant to three years for a similar crime.

This is a shame not just because of the unfairness in time served for these crimes, but it’s an injustice to these women who have to live knowing that their rapist was never punished the way he should have been. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Caspar Benson/Getty Images)


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