911 Call From Orlando Shooting's Youngest Victim Will Leave You Heartbroken

911 Call From Orlando Shooting's Youngest Victim Will Leave You Heartbroken

18-year-old Akyra Murray's last words are haunting.

Published July 1, 2016

Tragic stories are still being released from the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub that took place in June. Akyra Murray's is especially heartbreaking, as she was the youngest victim to lose their life in the shooting. Murray had just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School in Philadelphia and was at the club to celebrate. 

Murray initially escaped the club when the gunman, Omar Mateen, opened fire but returned into the fray when she realized her friends were still inside. She was later shot. The transcript of the 911 call she subsequently made has been released and the young woman's final words will bring tears to your eyes.

Murray made the call at 2:32 a.m. and the dispatcher wrote, "Compl[ainant] adv[ises] losing feeling in her leg ... Just keeps saying 'I don' want to die today.'" Another entry noted, "My [victim] is 18 years of age...She is losing eyesight and feeling in her body."

The terrified young woman also texted and called her mom, telling her that she had been shot. "She was saying she was shot and she was screaming, saying she was losing a lot of blood," her mother, Natalie Murray, told DailyMail. "I tried to tell her to remain calm and apply pressure to the wound," she added. "All I could hear was my baby screaming."

Natalie Murray hung up with her dying daughter so that she could call the police not knowing it was the last time she would speak with her. "If I'd have known that that was the last time I was going to talk to her, I would have never got off the phone," Murray said in an interview with NPR.

This is just another truly heartwrenching story from the senseless violence that took so many lives.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Beulah Osueke via AP Photo)


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