Horrifying Details: Atlanta Actress Jokisha Brown's Murder Was Part of an 'Elaborate' Plot by Ex-Boyfriend

Horrifying Details: Atlanta Actress Jokisha Brown's Murder Was Part of an 'Elaborate' Plot by Ex-Boyfriend

Alfredo Capote was wanted for rape, kidnapping and armed robbery since last April.

Published July 6, 2016

The death of well-known Atlanta socialite, model and aspiring actress Jokisha Brown on Friday has left the community in shock. While police have not named a clear suspect, many are starting to believe that Brown's ex-boyfriend, Alfredo Capote, was likely the one responsible for this heinous crime.

Capote had an extensive history of abusing Jokisha and was already wanted for her rape, kidnapping and more.

Police say that Brown was shot and killed as she sat in her car outside of an Atlanta strip mall. "We're actually interviewing witnesses on the scene. We do have a number of people who were on the scene when the incident occurred," Atlanta Police captain Ben McGee said. 

While the police search for the killer, Brown's friends have already expressed their belief that Capote is behind the crime. "She went through a very, very hard time with this breakup," Jordan Jackson said. "She steadily voiced it, she feared for her life that something might happen to her."

Capote's crime record is extensive, and is already wanted for the rape, armed robbery, false imprisonment and kidnapping of Brown. Brown was only able to escape the kidnapping after jumping from Capote's moving car and pleading an unknown person for help. 

Brown's death is tragic and shocking. The fact that Capote was able to somehow remain on the streets while being wanted for so many heinous crimes is truly reprehensible. Police are asking for anyone with information regarding the brutal murder to come forward.

Hopefully Jokisha's family will see justice soon.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Jokisha Brown via Twitter)


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