Watch Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Go in on an Officer for Not Taking a Stance Against Alton Sterling's Murderers

Watch Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Go in on an Officer for Not Taking a Stance Against Alton Sterling's Murderers

Police officers need to police each other.

Published July 6, 2016

Peter Rosenberg is a well-known radio DJ with the New York-based station Hot 97. While recording his show, Rosenberg began discussing the senseless shooting of Alton Sterling, and took a phone-in call with a listener who also happens to be a police officer.

During the phone call, Rosenberg questioned the officer on his thoughts, and things escalated quickly when the officer didn’t respond the way we would all hope.

The clip begins with Rosenberg asking the cop, “As an officer yourself, it looks bad, no?” Now here is where the officer should have immediately gone on to say, absolutely, 100%, or anything that would remotely show that he understands that the shooting that occurred was in no way justified, or necessary.

Instead, the officer mumbles, hesitates, and slowly says, “Well, I have to tell you…” and Rosenberg was not about to let him finish. You see, typically after the hundreds of unjustified murders of Black men by officers, you hear people say things like, "Well there are two sides to the story," or "It’s not exactly what it looks like.”

Finally, Rosenberg was able to shut this man up before he could get there, and told him that the problem with these situations is that police officers never call out other officers for doing a bad thing. In all of our careers, we are able to view colleagues who we believe are sub par, and speak on it. However, for some strange and bizarre reason, officers never want to tell other officers, “Hey man, you really messed up.”

This is the type of evasion that angers all of us, just as it angered Rosenberg, who decided to emotionally lay into the officer for his lack of honesty.

“Police officers never want to say when y’all do a bad job,” Rosenberg begins, “So that’s the reason the public thinks that all of y’all are bad.” He goes on to say that riots begin when officers are unable to get in front of the issues first and police each other.

The full video can be seen below. Tell us what you think of Rosenberg and the entire situation in the comment section below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo from left: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images, Alton Sterling via Facebook)


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