Look: The Beautiful Story of the Woman Behind This Viral #BLM Louisiana Protest Photo

Look: The Beautiful Story of the Woman Behind This Viral #BLM Louisiana Protest Photo

The call to action is greater than a hashtag

Published July 11, 2016

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, became the center of a major protest for Black Lives Matter activists. Images from the protest evoke visual memories of famous civil rights marches in Birmingham and Selma. However, one photo from Baton Rouge is becoming what some are calling the new “Tank Man” image.

The photo shows a young woman, who has been identified as Ieshia Evans, standing still and peacefully in the face of heavily armed riot officers. Shortly after the photo was taken, Evans was arrested by the officers. The 28-year-old mom and nurse from New York flew down to Baton Rouge after the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Evans, who is currently raising a five-year-old, hopes for a better future for her son and wanted to be part of a movement that could create that change.

As seen in the photo, Evans peacefully protested with the group by standing tall with her arms crossed. As protesters approached the Baton Rouge Police Department building, officers attempted to push them back. When they refused to leave, officers began to arrest protesters, despite the peaceful actions of the protest.

Evans was held overnight and released in the morning. Over 100 people were arrested that evening, including Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson.

After being released, Evans said in her hotel room, “'I just need you people to know. I appreciate the well wishes and love, but this is the work of God. I am a vessel! Glory to the most high! I'm glad I'm alive and safe. And that there were no casualties that I have witnessed first-hand.” 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: AP Photo/Max Becherer)


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