Watch: Racist Couple Tells Black Family 'Take Your A** Back to Africa'

Watch: Racist Couple Tells Black Family 'Take Your A** Back to Africa'

The disgusting restaurant confrontation went viral overnight

Published July 12, 2016

A restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, became the scene of a vile, verbal argument between an extremely racist couple and a Black family. The altercation, which was caught on camera, showed the terrible language still being used against Black Americans.

The incident began when a racist couple said something to the family's daughter, which made her go to her mother, pick up her camera and start recording. Then the girl and her mother marched over to the couple and questioned them about the previous moment.

“Did you just tell my daughter to shut the f**k up?” the mother asked as the couple just sat there without saying anything. Eventually the tension between the two groups escalated and words became screams.

The couple began spewing a plethora of racist attacks, including calling the family “monkeys” and saying, “My ancestors owned you’re a**.” The couple even went on to yell and call the family the n-word and told them to “take their n****r a** back to Africa.”

It’s hard to believe that after everything that has transpired in this country, a video like this can come out. But, just as the girl says at the beginning of the video, this is what racism looks like.

You can watch the video below. Warning, the language is extremely graphic. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Facebook/MediaTakeout)


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