Watch: Starbucks Patrons Found a Brilliant Way to Pay Tribute to #BlackLivesMatter

Watch: Starbucks Patrons Found a Brilliant Way to Pay Tribute to #BlackLivesMatter

You'll be doing this at your next caffeine stop.

Published July 12, 2016

A lot of people don't want to have to confront the Black Lives Matter movement and what it is fighting to achieve.

So, some Starbucks patrons have smartly taken advantage of the chain's practice of calling out customers' names when their orders are ready to get Starbucks employees to shout out "Black Lives Matter" for all the customers to hear.

It's a clever way to have people say, or hear, the activist group's slogan who may otherwise not have the opportunity to.

Some are catching employees calling out "Black Lives Matter" on social media to show off their clever strategy. One Facebook user, Lex Cross, posted his name change to social media and has almost 50,000 shares.

#PressPlay Who else has been saying their name is #BlackLivesMatter at #Starbucks? #Smart via: @schacle

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It's definitely not a by-the-book way to take part in social activism, but it is a great way to use the tools that are available to express and share ideas and the Black Lives Matter agenda. Maybe the next step is to use the names of one of the many Black people killed by police brutality so we all #SayTheirNames.

Written by Evelyn Diaz



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