Watch: First Black Miss Alabama in Hot Water After Calling Dallas Shooter a 'Martyr'

Watch: First Black Miss Alabama in Hot Water After Calling Dallas Shooter a 'Martyr'

Here’s how her job and others responded to the controversial statements.

Published July 12, 2016

In 1993, Kalyn Chapman James became the first Black Miss Alabama. Now, James works as a TV host in Miami; however, she recently made some controversial statements about the Dallas shooting that has put her job in jeopardy.

James recently recorded a video in the parking lot of the church she attended. In the video, she tearfully says, “I value human life. And I want to feel sad for them but I can't help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr.”

She then continues to say:

“And I know it's not the right way to feel because nobody deserves to lose their lives and I know that those police officers had families and people who loved them and that they didn't deserve to die but I'm so torn up in my heart about seeing these men — these Black men — being gunned down in our community that I can't help, I can't help but feel like I wasn't surprised by what the shooter did to those cops and I think a lot of us feel the same way.”

After her video began to pick up traction, she released a statement to where she apologized for offending anyone, but affirmed that she stands behind her words.

The former pageant queen has been hosting on TV in the Miami area, and her employer has released a statement that says, “'WPBT2 South Florida PBS does not condone the personal statements made by one of its independent contractors regarding the events in Dallas.”

James has been placed on administrative leave while the TV station investigates the matter further. 

Check out the video below.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Kalyn Chapman James via Faccebook)


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