Watch: Michelle Obama and George W. Bush Caught in Awkward Moment at Dallas Memorial

Watch: Michelle Obama and George W. Bush Caught in Awkward Moment at Dallas Memorial

And the first lady's reaction is priceless.

Published July 13, 2016

Yesterday, the interfaith memorial honoring the Dallas cops killed during the tragic shooting took place. The event was streamed online, which allow the nation to watch the beautiful speeches and songs delivered during the touching ceremony. However, the nation was also able to watch former President George W. Bush and first lady Michelle Obama get tangled in an awkward, touchy moment.

It all began when the Dallas Police Choir started to sing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Now, this song typically doesn’t call for any type of dancing or moving at all. Let’s be honest, usually when we hear this song, we are all waiting for the one part the we kind of know the words too, and once that’s over, our interest is lost.

Well, for George W. Bush, that segment of the song brought back memories of being a wide-eyed little boy, marching around Texas. When the climax of the song erupted and the choir sang out, “Glory, glory hallelujah,” President Bush began swinging his arms and swaying to the music.

Usually, this would not be an issue, but this time, his hands were locked with first lady Michelle Obama. Yes, she had to stand there and move her arms along with President Bush, while he swayed and swayed.

At one point she even flashed him a look that seemed as if she thinking, Boy, if you don’t stop moving your hands all off beat…

It didn’t take long for the clip to take off and become a viral sensation, and for the internet to add their two cents. One commenter on Instagram said, “Bush just happy to be there,” while another added, “He's dancing carefree like he didn't just cause 20 years worth of problems in the 8 years that he was in office.”

Check out the awkward video below, and tell us how you would caption the clip. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)


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