Here's Why Micah Xavier Johnson’s Honorable Discharge From the Army Has Left Many Confused

Here's Why Micah Xavier Johnson’s Honorable Discharge From the Army Has Left Many Confused

Were the serious allegations against him handled appropriately?

Published July 14, 2016

Information about Micah Xavier Johnson’s military past is under scrutiny due to the honorable discharge he was given. The Dallas shooter served in the Army for six years; he was, however, relieved after a female soldier accused Johnson of sexual harassment.

After the sexual harassment claim was made, Army officials dismissed Johnson with a recommendation that armed forces throw him out. And now, this newly public information has caused many to wonder if Johnson deserved an other-than-honorable discharge.

An other-than-honorable discharge is not as bad as a dishonorable discharge; however, it would require Johnson receive counseling. 

Bradford Glendening, the military lawyer that represented Johnson during the sexual harassment case  told The Boston Globe after the case, the Army sent Johnson home and recommended an other-than-honorable discharge be set.

However, when Johnson was actually released, he was sent home with an honorable discharge, which is something that still confuses Glendening.

“Someone really screwed up,” Glendening said regarding the honorable discharge. 

Now, Glendening has been ordered by the Army to remain silent on all matters involving Johnson; he is unable to give more details as to what he thinks happened.

The Army as well the female soldier who originally accused Johnson have also declined to comment on this confusing oversight.

During the original sexual harassment case, the female soldier requested Johnson be ordered to stay away from her and for Johnson to receive mental counseling.

Although he was given orders to keep his distance from the soldier, it remains unknown whether he was ever given mental counseling. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Facebook via AP)


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