Why Wasn't This Precaution Taken by Philando Castile Enough to Save His Life?

Why Wasn't This Precaution Taken by Philando Castile Enough to Save His Life?

Details on what Castile learned about dealing with police.

Published July 15, 2016

The debate over the details surrounding Philando Castile's murder are at an all-time high.

Recently, comedian DL Hughley engaged in a heated discussion with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. During the conversation, the two debated what could have happened in the moments before Castile’s girlfriend actually began recording.

Now, this is extremely important because in the video, Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds, Castile’s girlfriend, said Castile was licensed to carry and informed the officer that he was carrying a licensed firearm.

The gun in question has been used against Castile with some arguing it could have been threatening to the officer.

However, there was once a time when Fox correspondent Sean Hannity said, “When a cop pulls me over, I put my hands outside of the car. If I’m carrying a weapon, which I’m licensed to carry in New York, the first thing I tell the police officer is, ‘Officer, I want you to know I have a legal firearm in the car.”

While we can’t see from the video what was said before Castile was shot, it sounds like Castile did inform the officer of his firearm. And it makes sense that he would, because that is one of the first things he was instructed to do in the gun safety class he took.

After getting his firearm, Castile took a gun safety class where he learned about the best ways to comply and act when interacting with the police.

This course still wasn't enough to save his life. Makes you wonder if those classes only work for people who look like Sean Hannity, and not for those who look like Philando Castile. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Philando Castile via Facebook)


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