Bad Cop Chronicles: Watch This Police Officer Illegally Arrest This Naked Woman

(Photo: ABC)

Bad Cop Chronicles: Watch This Police Officer Illegally Arrest This Naked Woman

A terrible abuse of power.

Published July 16, 2016

Another example has surfaced of a police officer being caught on video acting in an arguably barbaric and unlawful fashion.

As reported, an Arizona cop forced himself into the home of a woman who had just stepped out of the shower, and didn’t have time to get dressed. She was handcuffed, and in the process, her towel fell as the officer threatened to put her in jail. The worst part? All of this happened in front of her young daughter.

The woman was smart to record the horrific interaction, even though that led to the police officer, Doug Rose, treating her even worse and saying that he did not like her attitude.

Throughout the video footage, the woman can be heard wailing and pleading with the officer, all while overall being a bit confused as to why he was in her house in the first place. The officer, Rose, said that he was responding to an earlier call due to her arguing with her estranged husband at his residence.

As the altercation continues, the woman is handcuffed but only temporarily so, as the officer then removes the hand cuffs, figuring that the hand cuffs were just used to teach her a lesson about respecting police officers. The woman in turn decided to file a complaint with internal affairs discussing the unlawful action the officer took against her.

As a result of this incident and how it unfolded, the woman is filing a lawsuit against the Chandler Police Department for how she was treated. In the meantime, as opposed to being properly investigated, disciplined or possibily fired, the officer in question simply chose to retire, and still remains eligible for his pension.

View the full video footage of the horrific treatment she experienced at the hands of this officer and her emotional response below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: ABC)


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