Baton Rouge Shooting: What Role Did Gavin Long's Training for Marines Play in the Attacks?

Baton Rouge Shooting: What Role Did Gavin Long's Training for Marines Play in the Attacks?

He knew what he was doing when he ambushed cops.

Published July 18, 2016

As the dust settles after Sunday's police-targeted shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the crime scene reveals that shooter Gavin Long used his training as an ex-Marine to lure, ambush and slaughter the three officers who tragically lost their lives.

The still present blood stains and bullet holes tell the story of how Long cornered the officers by a dumpster in an alleyway behind the Hair Crown Beauty Supply in Louisiana City. It shines more light on the undeniable truth that Long had made plans to kill as many officers as he could before he was shot and killed himself in the deadly incident.

38-year-old Joshua Godwin, a witness, revealed how Long used his military training to massacre the victims. 

He told WWLTV that he heard up to 60 shots fired in controlled bursts. "He was clad all in black, he had lots of clips on him," he said, adding, "He was moving at speed along the fence. You could tell he was prepared." Godwin continued to say that his own anti-terrorist training helped him recognized Long's strategy to corner and kill the officers.

He also heard the officers calling out in panic after they had been hit.

Police scanner recordings from the violent incident have revealed just how much panic and terror the first responders unknowingly walked into.

It is now believed that Long spend six days prior to the attack hunting police and staking out the gas station in preparation for his bloody attack. 

Long, who claimed to have once been a member of the Nation of Islam, declared himself as a "sovereign citizen," which alludes to a group of people that believe that government and police hold no authority over them. In a 2011 bulletin, the FBI said it "considers the sovereign-citizen extremist as compromising a domestic terrorist movement" and called the group a "growing domestic threat to law enforcement."

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Gavin Long via Youtube)


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