Watch: Calm Black Police Officer Stands Guard for Hateful White Lives Matter Protests

Watch: Calm Black Police Officer Stands Guard for Hateful White Lives Matter Protests

Here's what happened when an opposing group showed up

Published July 18, 2016

After the tragic ambush in Baton Rouge that left three officers dead and three officers injured, white confederate groups took to the streets in Dallas. A large rally took place on Sunday, wherein protesters waved Confederate flags and held signs that read “White Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Kill.” The worst part of it all: the rally was protected by at least one Black police officer.

A video clip captured the protesters, standing and chanting "White Lives Matter" while a Black officer with a rifle stands guard. The group also took no pause in starting arguments with Black bystanders.

One protester even proudly and openly carried a rifle while wearing a hat associated with a white supremacy group. When asked about his weapon, the protester said, "The reason I came with my gun today was 'cus white people are being targeted."

Perhaps this protester has forgotten about Montrell Jackson, one of the police officers killed in Baton Rouge. Just before the shooting, Jackson, who was Black, posted about the internal struggle he felt as an officer after the killing of Alton Sterling.

After the video of the racist protests circulated on Twitter, it did not take long for people to release their outrage. One person commented that the image is “a visual representation of #irony and #hypocrisy; #Racist protesters using Black police officers for protection.”

As the protest continued, several opposing groups approached and engaged with the demonstrators. One video captured a somewhat easygoing and amicable conversation between a Black onlooker and a protester, while other videos captured heated arguments between the two groups. During one conversation, a bystander was so frustrated that he smacked a water bottle out of the hands of a protester. 

The protest itself was peaceful in execution; however, it is extremely offensive in nature and could fuel even more division in the city of Dallas and the country. Black Lives Matter is not an attack on white people, so when a group stands tall and says "White Lives Matter," they are really saying white lives matter more than Black lives — and that is not the type of rhetoric this country needs to drudge up. 

Check out some of the videos captured and leave your reaction in the comment section below:

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Elizabeth Djinis via Twitter)


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