Watch: Don Lemon Goes Head to Head With Sheriff David Clarke for Dismissing Racial Profiling

Watch: Don Lemon Goes Head to Head With Sheriff David Clarke for Dismissing Racial Profiling

Clark’s misguided statements reveal a major national problem.

Published July 18, 2016

As a result of the police shooting in Baton Rouge, more officers are engaging in national conversations regarding police brutality. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke stopped by CNN on Sunday to discuss the rise in violence against police with anchor Don Lemon. 

The interview got off to a rocky start when Sheriff Clarke asked Don Lemon a series of seemingly rhetorical questions dealing with the killings of police officers. And after just a minute, Sheriff Clark went all in and said that we’ve got to stop the “hateful ideology that is Black Lives Matter.”

Lemon attempts to reel in the Sheriff, yet at this point, Clarke is already too heated. The two spar for a minute regarding the harm that anti-police rhetoric can cause. This is when Lemon decided it was a good time to cut to a commercial break.

Upon returning from the commercial, it’s clear that Lemon is attempting to rectify the situation. Lemon reiterated to Clarke that he does not condone violence on any side. And once again, Clarke chimed in and asked Lemon, “Do we know that generally, American law enforcement officers are racist, do we know this?”

To which Lemon replies, “go on,” in hopes that Clarke will stop interviewing the interviewer and finally elaborate on a point. Then, Clarke shows his true colors when he flat out rejects the statistically proven facts that Black males are treated more aggressively by police officers than other people.

At this point the conversation snowballs out of control and jumps from Black Lives Matter to Michael Brown, even though neither of those were the subjects that were supposed to be discussed. Clarke even makes a bold claim that insinuates that President Obama is a liar, which is actually not that surprising because Clarke is a well-known Republican.

Now, it’s becoming incredibly clear that Clarke is relentless in proving that Black Lives Matter is a toxic ideology for the country. And Don Lemon does what any frustrated person would do: he ends the interview and cuts to another commercial.

Words cannot quite capture the absurdity of the conversation between the two; however, you can check out the entire interview below. Let us know what you think of Sheriff Clarke and how Don Lemon handled the situation. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: CNN)


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