Back at it Again: Watch Sheriff Clarke Deliver "Blue Lives Matter" Speech at RNC

Back at it Again: Watch Sheriff Clarke Deliver "Blue Lives Matter" Speech at RNC

The crowd’s reaction might get Trump to call do-over for his VP choice

Published July 19, 2016

After a feisty back and forth with Don Lemon, Sheriff David Clarke’s popularity amongst Republicans seemingly rose even higher. The Milwaukee sheriff took the stage at the much anticipated Republican National Convention, where he reiterated the idea he thinks we should all get behind: Blue Lives Matter. 

Before the convention, CNN’s Don Lemon invited Clarke to speak about the police brutality issue. Clarke used this time to call Black Lives Matter a hateful ideology and President Obama a liar. Well, Clarke took a similar approach at the opening night of the convention.

Last night, Clarke walked out on the stage, stood in front of the microphone and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to make something very clear: blue lives matter in America.” Almost instantly, the crowd rose to their feet and began cheering.

Clarke then went on to talk about the community unrest in cities like Ferguson, Baltimore and Baton Rouge. Instead of remarking how these cities represent an issue with the police and the community, he called them an example of the “collapse of social order.”

The republican sheriff continued to speak negatively about the Black Lives Matter movement by calling it “anarchy.” Clarke seems to believe that anyone who calls themselves an activist for Black Lives Matter believes that police officers should die, which is certainly not true. However, using hateful rhetoric towards BLM is only adding fuel to the racially charged fire that exists in our nation right now.

Clarke continued to speak for about eight minutes, concluding by repeating a popular phrase of the night. When he spoke of Donald Trump, Clarke said, “Trump will make America safe again.”

The entire speech included several disses thrown at Hillary Clinton and President Obama. Hopefully this is not the beginning of slow push for a future Clarke presidency.

All of Clarke’s remarks can be seen in the video below.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)


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