Watch: Police Shoot Disturbed Man on a Bus After He Erratically Fought With an Officer

Watch: Police Shoot Disturbed Man on a Bus After He Erratically Fought With an Officer

Video caught the terrifying moments that ended in tragedy.

Published July 19, 2016

A 42-year-old man in Oklahoma City was shot and killed by police after performing a long string of unpredictable acts.

The day started when Miguel Chavez-Angles was seen banging his head on the floor of a church because of a potential divorce. Police were then called to the scene, where they transported him to St. Anthony’s Hospital for a mental examination. 

After being released from the hospital, Chavez called his wife and told her that he was roaming the streets and looking for a ride home. He ultimately ended up getting in a car with two women and instructing them to drive.

At this time, police had received reports of a kidnapping. Chavez was followed in the car until he eventually jumped out and ran into O'Reilly Auto Parts and locked the door. When the store manager told Chavez to leave, he ran to a city bus that was nearby.

Now this is when things got more disturbing.

Chavez hopped on the bus and told the bus driver to drive. “I will give you whatever you want,” Chavez said to driver, while also asking him to lock the door. He then climbed on top of the luggage rack, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and took the pin out. The driver then instructed everyone to get off the bus, including Chavez.

Two officers then arrived on the scene. When Officer Heather Lane approached Chavez, he dropped the fire extinguisher and lunged for her gun. The two wrestled over the gun until one shot was fired. That was when Officer Daniel Carli gots on the bus and shot Chavez.

Chavez was pronounced dead on the bus and the officers have been placed on restricted duty while investigators determine if the shooting was justified.

You can watch the video below. Warning: it is very graphic. The video has been purposely frozen before the kill shot. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Zodebala/Getty Images)


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