Watch: Mother of Tamir Rice Says, 'I Don't Know How You Sleep at Night' to President Obama

Watch: Mother of Tamir Rice Says, 'I Don't Know How You Sleep at Night' to President Obama

Her thoughts on how the White House has handled the murders of Black people by police.

Published July 20, 2016

The mother of Tamir Rice has some strong words for the Obama administration when she sat down with MSNBC. Samaria Rice spoke to Joy Reid about what has been going on since the murder of her son, 12-year-old Tamir Rice. 

Tamir Rice was killed by a police officer who mistook his toy gun for a real gun nearly two years ago. Since no justice has been served for the Rice family and many others affected by the deadly force used by officers, Reid decided to ask Rice about her thoughts.

“How is the president doing on making progress,” asked Reid.

Rice begins to shake her head as she admits, “President Barack Obama, I don’t know what you’re doing. I don’t know how you’re able to sleep at night. Just sleep and wake up and see that another murder has happened on behalf of the government. And nobody is getting any justice.”

Rice then goes on to clarify, “I mean he did some things and that’s fine. We’re talking about lives being saved. I don’t even know what category to put him in. I’m just very disappointed with him.”

Overall, Rice expressed extreme frustration with the lack of action taken by the government to stop the senseless killings of Black men and women by police in America.

Now, this represents something extremely remarkable about this country. Sure, being president is no easy job and he can’t just wave a magic wand to alleviate the racial tensions in this country. But maybe that is the problem. Although Rice wants justice from Obama, she has to understand that these issues are more or less out of his hands, because they are determined by the Department of Justice.

And this just reveals the tangled web that is our justice system. There is no accountability being held on the side of the police because they are being protected by their own. Perhaps we need a giant government fix that can end these problems and make Samaria Rice less "sad for America."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo from left: Andrew Burton/Getty Images, Leigh Vogel/Getty Images)


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