Watch: Munich Gunman's Last Words Before Opening Fire Are Terrifying

Watch: Munich Gunman's Last Words Before Opening Fire Are Terrifying

Nine reportedly killed in this violent shopping mall shooting.

Published July 22, 2016

Another shooting has shaken Europe to its core when shots rang out at a Munich, Germany, shopping mall. At the moment, local police report that the death toll stands at nine people at the moment, possibly more, with at least 10 more injured in the shooting rampage in the attack that involved three gunmen.

A major police operation is now ongoing around the German city's Olympic Park, with law enforcement warning people to stay indoors. Cops have admitted that they do not currently know where the shooter is as a huge manhunt has been launched across the city complete with snipers, helicopters, and men on the ground.

A video has been released that purportedly shows one shooter, dressed in all black, firing 20 shots. The man looks to take aim at a group of people, including children. 

One witness told CNN, "I [came] out of the toilet and I heard an alarm, boom, boom, boom. He's killing the children. The children were sitting to eat. They can't run."

Off-duty doctors and nurses have been called to nearby hospitals to help treat those injured with a hospital spokesperson saying, "The alarm for a 'mass attack' has been triggered."

In the video the shooter can reportedly be heard yelling, "I'm German," and "F*** foreigners," before shooting at children.

Chief of Munich Police Marcus Dagloria Martins said, "We are at the moment after three attackers. We have about 100 people on site and we are trying to evacuate people from the site. Our priority is to catch the attackers at this stage and then we will inform you again." Adding, "We closed down not only that area but the surrounding area. I'm hoping you will share all your information and videos with us as this will give us clues and help us track down the shooters. We are asking people to send in their videos... Our main priority is the security of the population."

So far no one has been brought in for the shooting, but the "search is taking place at high speed," a police statement said.

This is a developing story, hopefully those responsible are found soon so the city can return to peace.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Joerg Koch/Getty Images)


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