Watch: Disturbing Footage Shows Darius Robinson Getting Strangled to Death by Jail Staff

Watch: Disturbing Footage Shows Darius Robinson Getting Strangled to Death by Jail Staff

And here's why no one has been charged for the homicide.

Published July 28, 2016

Footage from a jail cell in Caddo County, Oklahoma, showed the graphic killing of inmate Darius Robinson.

In April, 41-year-old Robinson was jailed after he failed to pay child support. While he was in jail, he reportedly became agitated because he was experiencing withdrawal from the drug Xanax. However, when Robinson was initially jailed, his attorneys informed the jail staff that he may experience such withdrawal symptoms.

The video shows Robinson in the cell with two officers. There is a moment when he moves toward the door and is then tackled to the ground by one of the jail officers and placed in a choke hold. The other officer then jumped on top of him as well in an attempt to restrain him.

After several moments of wrestling on the ground, Robinson appears to be lifeless while the officers place him in handcuffs.

The officers then check his pulse and one of them goes on to attempt CPR. However, Robinson was already dead. The autopsy report said that “while lying handcuffed and prone on the jail floor, Robinson became unresponsive. There was a report of white foam coming from his mouth.”

A medical examiner ruled Robinson’s death a homicide; however, no charges have been filed against the participating officers. In fact, the two officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Sheriff's deputies defended the actions of the officers and claimed that he was acting violent and attempted to run out of the door. 

The absence of homicide charges infuriated the family of Robinson and their lawyers. They plan to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers.

District Attorney Jason Hicks will make a statement regarding the case next week. 

You can watch the footage below (warning: the video is graphic).

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Erika Kyte/Getty Images)


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