Look: Dallas Weatherman Calls Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Others 'Thugs' in Racist Facebook Post

Look: Dallas Weatherman Calls Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Others 'Thugs' in Racist Facebook Post

Guess where he's working now.

Published July 31, 2016

The speech by the Mothers of the Movement at last week's Democratic National Convention was a powerful and emotional statement by the Hillary Clinton campaign to let the world know that they are behind the victims of police shootings and are committed to ending the violence. While it seemed to be a positive — and necessary — message, one Dallas area radio weatherman, Bob Goosmann, did not see it that way.

Goosmann posted an extremely negative and hateful comment on his Facebook profile about the speech. Once it went viral for all the wrong reasons, he resigned from his position to avoid getting fired in a scandal.

Goosmann began by telling his followers, "Many of you have probable noticed I've stayed away from politics on FB." Perhaps he should have kept it that way:

Many took to Twitter to express their shock and anger, tagging Goosmann's employer to make them aware that they had hired a clear bigot.

While Goosmann eventually removed the Facebook post, the damage was done and on Friday afternoon he announced that he had resigned from his position "effective immediately." However, he later took to the comments section on dallasnews.com to defend his remarks, saying, "I was angry that the DNC used these mothers to garner votes, and that was it." Adding, "I used the word thugs in my post, but I thought thug was just a violent person. The definition of thug does not mean any race." 

Goosmann continued, "I will say I talked with an African American acquaintance and he told me that he feels like when he hears the word, it is in reference to an African American individual. I had NO IDEA." He concluded by saying that if he had not resigned he would have been fired, but he believed it was the right thing to do.

While the apology seems authentic, there is no way to know and the fact remains that his original post was hateful and racially oriented, despite what he says. The station did the right thing by forcing Goosmann's resignation. 

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Bob Goosmann via Facebook)


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