Watch: Woman Live Streams Being Sexually Harassed by Her Boss

Watch: Woman Live Streams Being Sexually Harassed by Her Boss

Look at the disturbing requests her supervisor made.

Published August 1, 2016

Makana Milho is a transgender woman who just took a giant step against sexual assault when she decided to live stream the moment her boss sexually harassed her. 

In order to get a theft charge removed from her criminal record, Milho has to complete six days of community service. The 21-year-old had already completed four days of cleaning park bathrooms without any issues; however, on her fifth day, her regular supervisor was replaced with Harold Villanueva Jr.

The 47-year-old groundskeeper allegedly pinched and slapped her butt while she was cleaning. He then drove Milho to a more isolated section of the park where he attempted to hold her hand and began propositioning her for sex acts.

In the video, Villanueva Jr. can be heard telling Milho that she can go home early if she performs sexual favors.

“The universe was spinning,” Milho said. “I thought he could do basically anything to me. I felt my power was stripped away from me.”

Milho also said that the recording captured by the girlfriend of Philando Castile inspired her to live stream this terrible encounter. Milho received almost 200,000 views on the video before she eventually took it down because of some hateful comments she received.

“I took it down because I was getting so much backlash,” she said. “People were saying it’s my fault. People were making fun of the situation. I wasn’t comfortable being a punchline to something serious that happened to me.”

Before she removed the video, Milho tagged the Honolulu Police Department, who arrested Villanueva Jr. on a fourth degree sexual assault charge. Villanueva Jr. was placed on administrative leave without pay and the community service program is also under investigation.

Myles Breiner, Milho’s attorney, revealed to the Daily Beast that Milho experienced sexual assault as a child and was thus sent to foster care.

“Eventually she aged out [of foster care], then realized her true identity as a transgender individual,” Breiner said. “The foster parents she was living with… told her if she didn’t come up with rent money to continue living in their home, they’d kick her out.”

Breiner also claimed that the foster parents pressured Milho into stealing the handbag.

“She is a victim not only of the probation system, but the guy that assaulted her… He’s admitted doing this to other [transgender people].”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Makana Milho via Instagram)


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