Fred Barley Update: Here's What Will Happen to the $184,000 Raised for Homeless College Student

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Fred Barley Update: Here's What Will Happen to the $184,000 Raised for Homeless College Student

Resolution after controversy.

Published August 2, 2016

Fred Barley is a teen who made recent headlines when his touching story became a viral sensation.

The teen, who at one point was homeless due to some family issues, rode his bike for six hours to his college campus, where he slept in a tent on the grounds. When police found him, instead of arresting him, they listened to his story and shared it with the world.

Eventually, a woman by the name of Casey Blaney was so touched by his tale that she set up a GoFundMe page for Barley. The page, which raised money for Barley’s educational expenses, quickly raised $184,000 in donations.

Shortly after the money was raised on the site, it was discovered that a dispute regarding the handling of funds had occurred between Blaney and Barley. Blaney requested that the money be placed in a fund; however, Barley wanted to have a say in who managed the trust. Then Blaney reported that she believed there were inconsistencies in Barley’s story.

As a result of the issues between the two, GoFundMe stated that they would be freezing the money in the account until the situation was resolved.

Barley took  to Facebook with an update on the situation. He wrote:

“My attorney Christopher Chapman has got in contact with Wright gammon, Mrs. Blaney's attorney, and has come to terms so both parties are happy. I will be allowed to put it into a trust that covers both living expenses and help with my tuition. Mrs. Blaney would like to turn over everything to her lawyer, and does not want anything to do with the trust account any longer. Together, my attorney and her attorney are working cooperatively to ensure that all assets donated go strictly to me and in a trust that I agree with.”

Although the funds will remain on hold with GoFundMe until all questions have been answered, this is still a positive step to make sure Barley receives what is truly his. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: designer491, Getty Images)


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