Did Korryn Gaines’s March Police Arrest Cause Her Miscarriage?

(Photo: Korryn Gaines via Instagram)

Did Korryn Gaines’s March Police Arrest Cause Her Miscarriage?

Here’s what the family is saying.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 4, 2016 / 03:03 PM

After the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Korryn Gaines, more friends and family members have come forward to give their opinions on the situation.

Many have already voiced their concerns with the way the Baltimore County Police Department handled the situation with deadly force. Gaines’s mother, who was aware of some of her reasoning impairments, believed that there was more negotiating that should have taken place. She also believes that the standoff did not need to result in the death of her daughter.

Other family members believe that the police attempted to silence the views of Gaines when they removed posts from her social media accounts. In one Facebook post that Gaines recorded during the standoff, Gaines wrote, “Don't tell me what to do. I'm home. Tell those gang members outside door to go away from my home and family.”

Gaines's aunt, Shannon Gaines, thought it was wrong for the police to portray her niece in such a negative light.

"Because she was broadcasting it to people who cared about her. They had to make her feel alienated, and they had to assassinate her right there with her baby sitting right there, and try to paint it like she's the one that was wrong. She's the one that was crazy. It is not right," she said. "So why would she trust them now? Why would she trust once they come into her house that they are not going to hurt her again?"

Gaines was also involved in a police traffic stop in March that resulted in a physical arrest. During the exchange with police officers, Gaines recorded herself with her son. When Gaines refused to exit her vehicle, police forcibly removed her, pinned her to the ground and handcuffed her. During the incident, she sustained a cut to her hand.

The family later revealed that Gaines suffered a miscarriage after her arrest in March and blamed her encounter with police.

Gaines's cousin said on Instagram, “ya'll already beat her up in front of Kodi & Karsyn and caused her to have a miscarriage…why would they trust you ?!”

Do you think it’s possible that the arrest in March resulted in Gaines’s miscarriage? Leave a comment below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Korryn Gaines via Instagram)


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