Former Temple University Officer and Friend Brutally Murder His Girlfriend for This Sick Reason

Former Temple University Officer and Friend Brutally Murder His Girlfriend for This Sick Reason

Chilling details on what the woman's children witnessed that day.

Published August 4, 2016

A former officer for Temple University beat his girlfriend to death in the home that they shared. Aaron Wright enlisted the help of his friend Marquis Robinson to help to restrain 24-year-old Joyce Quaweay while Wright physical abused her.

Quaweay and 47-year-old Wright lived together in a house with Robinson and his unidentified girlfriend in Philadelphia. Wright and Quaweay had two kids together.

Homicide Capt. James Clark recounted what occurred on the day of the murder. According to Clark, Wright grew extremely frustrated with Quaweay because she was not acting submissive to Wright. Quaweay’s closest friend, Karyn Nettles-Davis, revealed that their relationship had always been abusive.

On Friday, when Wright became physically upset with Quaweay, he and Robinson stripped her naked and handcuffed her to a bench. While Wright beat her with his fists and a police baton, Robinson restrained her so that Wright could continuously attack her.

The two daughters of Wright and Quaweay, ages 10 months and 2 years, as well as Wright's two other children, who are around the ages of 8 and 10, witnessed the murder.

Even after Quaweay had died, the men continued to beat her. Eventually, Robinson’s girlfriend walked in on the attack and immediately called 911.

Wright has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit murder and abuse of a corpse for the death of his girlfriend. Robinson was charged with conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated assault and abuse of a corpse.

A Temple University spokesman said Wright was dismissed from the force in 2012 for unspecified reasons. Robinson was fired from the Temple police force on Sunday after these criminal charges were filed against him.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Philadephia Police, Joyce Quaweay via Facebook)


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