Watch: Racist Cop Caught Getting His Freak On During West Indian Day Parade

(Photo: New York Daily News)

Watch: Racist Cop Caught Getting His Freak On During West Indian Day Parade

Det. Gregory Gordon is known for posting bigoted rants on Facebook.

Published August 7, 2016

Detective Gregory Gordon has been making headlines recently for posting racist rants on his Facebook page, but it seems his actions don't always match his words.

An archived video clip of the police officer, dressed in uniform, dancing with a semi-nude woman is going viral after Gordon was called out for his bigoted words against he Black and Muslim communities on social media. The 33-year-old detective was one of several officers who were caught on video getting their freak on with scantily-clad Black women during the annual West Indian Day Parade.

While the footage dates back to September 5, 2011, it's just now going viral in response to the officer’s controversial social media posts, which caught the attention of the department and outraged citizens alike.

At the time of the video, police investigated the footage and situation and Gordon was transferred from his Brooklyn precinct to one in Staten Island after being told to “exercise good judgement” on social media.

It appears as though the 5-year-old footage is coming back to haunt him once more, especially while he's under fire for his recent racist commentary online.

Retiring police comissioner Bill Bratton is asking for Gregory to return his medals following his hateful remarks, which include calling mayor Bill de Blasio's wife a "crack addict."

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: New York Daily News)


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