Watch: Cincinnati PD Release Footage of Suspect Attacking Officer Before Being Fatally Shot

(Photo: Katja Kircher/Getty Images)

Watch: Cincinnati PD Release Footage of Suspect Attacking Officer Before Being Fatally Shot

Details on what led up to the death of Jawari Porter.

Published August 10, 2016

The Cincinnati Police Department released video footage on Monday of a violent attack made on a security guard of a Kroger grocery store and Cincinnati officer. 

Store camera footage caught 25-year-old Jawari Porter physically threatening a security guard at a Kroger grocery store. In the video, Porter repeatedly holds the knife up to the neck of the guard, who appeared to be blocking the front door. According to the guard, Porter has just finished committing a robbery in the store.

After leaving Kroger, Porter was approached by a police vehicle. When Officer Anthony Brucato drove up to the suspect, Porter walked up to the driver’s side and opened the door with the knife still in his hand. Then Brucato fired six shots at Porter, which ultimately killed him.

In a press conference addressing the incident, Chief Eliot Isaac said he believed the officer “was forced to defend himself.” The officer involved in the shooting was later cleared for any wrongdoing by Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

“This is a justified shooting,” Deters said. “After threatening a Kroger store employee with a knife, he did not hesitate to try to stab a Cincinnati Police officer who did not even have an opportunity to get out of his vehicle.”

After news of the shooting was released, it was revealed that Porter struggled with mental illness and was raised in foster care.

Representatives of Cincinnati Black Lives Matter and the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition sent a joint news release.

"We contend the police-orchestrated escalation led to an avoidable killing," the release states. "No efforts were made to get mental health professionals on the scene and no serious effort was made to subdue/contain, rather than kill Jawari Porter."

They are calling for an indictment of the officers involved in the shooting, the city to pay for Porter’s funeral expenses and other demands. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Katja Kircher/Getty Images)


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