Yo Momma: This Woman Teaching Her Son How to Roast Wins Mom of the Year

(Photo: WazamSupa via Twitter)

Yo Momma: This Woman Teaching Her Son How to Roast Wins Mom of the Year

Cook 'em.

Published August 15, 2016

As children, we’ve all gotten standard advice from our parents, especially when it comes to handling school teasing. Some of us may have been given the less than helpful advice to ignore bullies, but one mom is determined to show her son how to stand up for himself with style.

Raynell Steward, who goes by the online persona WuzzamSupa, decided to use the ride on the first day of school to pass along some meaningful wisdom. Gone are the days of teaching kids how to say “I know you are but what am I.” Now it’s all about the power of the roast and Supa taught her son right.

The video shows Supa and her son in the car going to school, and in the short clip, we see her break down the science of the roast. "You gotta say, 'Boy you built like Mark Henry,'" she says. "That's funnier than 'look like.'"

Then she teaches him how to be resourceful when coming up with his material.

"You really gotta utilize the stuff around you. Let's say you're in a cafeteria, 'Boy if you don't get your milk carton head...'"

As she continues to explain how to use surrounding objects to come up with jokes, he quickly catches on. By the end, he is coming up with insults of his own.

Check out the hilarious video of Supa and her son below. What kind of wacky advice have you given or received? Share in the comment section. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Wuzzam Supa via Twitter)


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