Watch: This Man Drowned Trying to Save His Wife

(Photo: Sherrod Whittington via Facebook)

Watch: This Man Drowned Trying to Save His Wife

It started off as a beautiful day at the beach for Sherrod Whittington and Kendra Smith.

Published August 16, 2016

Kendra Smith and her husband, Sherrod Whittington, were splashing in the water off of a Miami beach when a strong rip tide pulled them far off shore. Smith survived thanks to her husband, who bravely sacrificed his life so that she may live. She now says she will honor her "hero" for the rest of her life.

The two were swept off the beach at around 2 p.m. on Sunday, and when lifeguards swam out to save them Whittington told them to save his wife first. Whittington himself made sure his wife didn't get pulled further offshore, "I was trying to hold onto him, he was trying to hold onto me," Smith told Wink News. "In some kind of wave, he lost his grasp and then he got me back again, he found me again."

When lifeguards were finally able to pull Whittington's body out of the ocean he was not breathing, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was sadly pronounced dead. 

"He did the most amazing thing in the world that he gave his life for me," Smith said. "I'm going to honor him until the day I die because of that... He'll always be my hero."

Sadly, Smith also told Wink that while the two were fighting for their lives, someone stole their belongings that were sitting on the beach.

Rip currents kill an average of 100 people every year in the U.S. and are responsible for 80 percent of beach rescues.

It's a tragic incident in which a young woman has been left a widow. There is no denying that Whittington is a hero for sacrificing his own life so that his wife can live to see another day.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Sherrod Whittington via Facebook)


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