Update: CNN Apologizes for Not Airing Sherelle Smith's Full "To The Suburbs" Statement

MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 14:  Cars stand burned in the lot of the BP gas station after rioters clashed with the Milwaukee Police Department protesting an officer involved killing August 14, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Hundreds of angry people confronted police after an officer shot and killed a fleeing armed man earlier in the day.  (Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)

Update: CNN Apologizes for Not Airing Sherelle Smith's Full "To The Suburbs" Statement

Here's the news program's reasoning for cutting her video short

Published August 16, 2016

The sister of Sylville Smith took to the streets to deliver an important message to the disruptive protesters. Sherelle Smith spoke to members of her community and told them that they need to take their violence somewhere else.

Over the past weekend, Sylville Smith, an armed Milwaukee man, was shot and killed by a police officer during a chase. After his death, many protesters marched in the neighborhood of the shooting. At some point, the peaceful demonstrations turned to violence and disruption when some protesters began throwing large rocks and burning down businesses.

Sherelle Smith was recorded telling her fellow community members to stop ruining their own community.

“Burning down s**t ain't gonna help nothing. You're burning down s**t we need in our community,” Sherelle said. “Take that s**t to the suburbs. Burn that s**t down. We need our s**t. We need our weave. I don't wear it, but we need it.”

Sherelle also continued to reveal that the unnamed officer who shot Sylville was not exactly a stranger. According to Sherelle, the officer and Sylville attended the same high school.

"The boy knew my brother personally from high school. They knew each other. You knew exactly how my brother was and you shot and killed him," Sherelle said.

Much of the media did not cover the violent requests made by Sherelle and instead focused on the words of other family members. Media outlets have also only used the first part of Sherelle's request to stop the violence. 

Although Sherelle seemed very upset and frustrated, she also extended an invitation for everyone to stop the division happening in her community and the country. Media outlets also chose to focus on her peaceful requests made to the public. 

"I invite any color, any gender, any race, any age to come have fun with us. Come to our parades or come support our barbecues or our rallies or our stop the violence things, you know. It seems like we're so segregated. And it's for nothing. It's for nothing," Smith said.

CNN later apologized for not airing the entire video of Sherelle telling protesters to take their violence to the suburbs. CNN journalist Ana Cabrera tweeted an apology that explained that the video they aired was "shorthanded." Then Carol Costello made an on-air apology on Wednesday to address the editing of the video. 

“I want to take a moment to clarify something from Monday,” she said. “We had a report that inadvertently and wrongly characterized the plea from a Milwaukee woman whose brother was killed by police. As our viewers saw, she demanded the violence stop in her community, but in fact, she also said that protesters should instead take their violence to the suburbs. I regret that second part of her statement was not included." 

You can watch the apology here

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Darren Hauck/Getty Images)


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