Shocking Update: Amy Joyner's Attacker Caught a Huge Break in Court

(Photo: Amy Inita Joyner via Instagram)

Shocking Update: Amy Joyner's Attacker Caught a Huge Break in Court

Trinity Carr's vicious attack led to Joyner's death.

Published August 22, 2016

Trinity Carr, one of the teenage girls involved in the bathroom beating and subsequent killing of Amy Joyner-Francis, will not be tried as an adult, the judge presiding over the case announced on Friday.

The judge rejected the prosecutor's request to try Carr, 16, as an adult after she was charged with criminally negligent homicide and conspiracy in the death of Joyner, also 16, whose fatal beating was caught on camera.

While the assault was brutal, an autopsy concluded that Joyner-Francis did not die directly from the beating but instead from a pre-existing heart condition that lead to a "cardiac incident" during the event.

Delaware Online reported that in the cell phone video footage Carr can be seen repeatedly punching Joyner-Francis in the head at least 24 times. Considering the ruthlessness and severity of her crime, the decision to not try Carr as an adult comes as somewhat of a shock to the community and all those who have been captivated by this tragic story.

While Carr will likely face a much softer punishment if found guilty, she'll still have to live with the consequences of her actions for the rest of her life.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Amy Inita Joyner via Instagram)


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