Watch: Atlanta Gas Station Video Captures Violent Shoot Out

Watch: Atlanta Gas Station Video Captures Violent Shoot Out

Details on the Instagram posts of those allegedly involved.

Published August 23, 2016

Yesterday, footage from a surveillance camera in Atlanta was posted on YouTube. The video showed a dispute between two men at the gas station. One of the men exits the convenience store at the station and the other man immediately trails behind him. They appear to exchange words until the man who exited the store goes into his car, pulls out a gun and begins shooting. 

The other man tries to hind behind the vehicle until he pulls out his own handgun and fires back at the man. This continues for a while until the man with the handgun leaves the station. Eventually, the man returns to his car to find that a woman in the car, presumably his girlfriend, was hit by a stray bullet.

After all the gunshots have stopped, the man accompanies the woman into the convenience store. When the shootout finished, footage of the incident was posted online. Twitter user “Idris Elbruh” also found Instagram posts of two of the people allegedly involved in the shooting.

An unidentified woman (allegedly the injured girlfriend of the shooter) posted photos from a hospital bed on Instagram. One of the captions read, “could have lost my life last night by God and my [man] was protecting me. I only got hit one time.” The woman also posted photos of herself and her boyfriend, who appears to have the same hairstyle as the man in the video.

Although the Instagram accounts of the two alleged people involved are private, screen grabbed photos from their accounts can be seen here.  

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Nazar Mukhtar / EyeEm/Getty Images)


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