Look: Alabama Interim Mayor Denies Saying, 'I Lost. The Ni**er Won,' in Facebook Post

Look: Alabama Interim Mayor Denies Saying, 'I Lost. The Ni**er Won,' in Facebook Post

Here’s who Patsy Capshaw Skipper is blaming the racist post on.

Published August 30, 2016

Patsy Capshaw Skipper, the interim mayor of Midland City, Alabama, has denied using the n-word after losing to her African-American opponent, Jo Ann Bennet Grimsley.

Last Tuesday, Skipper and Grimsley competed in an election that resulted in a win for Grimsley, who will be both the first elected woman and the first African-American mayor that Midland has ever had. 

After the election closed, a Facebook user took a screen shot of what appeared to be the interim mayor using a racial slur to describe her challenger. In the post, someone named Don used the account of Facebook user Belinda Thompson and posted on the alleged account of Patsy Capshaw Skipper. The account wrote on Skipper’s wall, “Patsy this is Don how is the election going?”

Skipper’s account then replied, “I lost. The nigger won.”

Immediately the screen shot of the post went viral and Skipper found herself in very hot water. Skipper told the Dothan Eagle paper that hackers are to blame for the post.

“My Facebook has been messed up for several weeks and I haven’t been using it,” Skipper said. “I think I’ve been hacked.”

She then claimed that she has not been on Facebook for quite some time. The Facebook page has been taken down, even though the screen shot has been shared numerous times.

Skipper became the mayor when she took over for her husband, Virgil, after he stepped down as mayor in February for health reasons. She will remain the interim mayor until Grimsley is sworn into office in November.  

When asked about how she felt about Grimsley, Skipper said “I hope she does a great job for the city and I am very happy for her.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)


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