Look: Scary Clowns Have Been Luring Kids Into South Carolina Woods Near This Apartment Complex

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Look: Scary Clowns Have Been Luring Kids Into South Carolina Woods Near This Apartment Complex

When Stephen King movies come to life.

Published August 30, 2016

A warning sent out to residents of Greenville, South Carolina, has somewhat justified the common phobia of clowns. 

The management company of Fleetwood Manor Apartments sent out letters that warned of a man/woman dressed up as a clown who has been attempting to lure children into the woods. The letter also encouraged children in the neighborhood to remain safe and never wander out into the woods alone.

The entire letter read:

“To The Residents of Fleetwood Manor

There has [sic] been several conversation [sic] and a lot of complaints to the office regarding a clown or a person dressed in clown clothing taking children or trying to lure children in the woods. First and foremost at Fleetwood Manor Apartments childrens [sic] safety is a top priority. At no time should a child be alone at night, or walking in the roads or wooded areas at night. Also if a person or persons are seen you are to immediately call the police. Greenville County Police Department is aware of the situation and have been riding [sic] the property daily. Remember there is a 10pm curfew for the property so to ensure your childrens [sic] safety please keep them in the house during night hours and make sure at ALL times children are supervised. Anymore information that becomes regarding this issue will be sent out to all residents.

Thank you,

Property Manager”

The letter was sent after multiple calls were made to the police regarding a person dressed as a clown who tried to get kids to follow him into the woods.

“I thought my child was seeing things," Donna Arnold said regarding the first time her son mentioned the clown to her. "And then the next day I had about 30 kids come up to me and say, ‘Did you see the clown in the woods?”

Arnold then called the Greenville County Sheriff's Office, who confirmed they received other calls. Other children claimed that they saw a clown on the edge of the woods trying to entice them by holding large amounts of money.

Based on the multiple reports, officials believe there are multiple clowns in the area. One resident saw a clown standing by a dumpster under a streetlight, while another saw clowns in the woods shining green laser lights.

Police and adults are constantly patrolling the area for any suspicious activity. Hopefully, all the clowns are found and arrested, not only for the safety of the children, but also to stop making the Greenville residents feel like they are cast members of American Horror Story

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: fitopardo.com/Getty Images)


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