Watch: South Carolina Teacher Disciplines Six-Year-Old in Heartbreaking and Cruel Way

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Watch: South Carolina Teacher Disciplines Six-Year-Old in Heartbreaking and Cruel Way

What would you do if this was your child?

Published September 1, 2016

A teacher in Simsponville, South Carolina, is facing termination after punishing a first grade girl, Taraji Edwards, for fiddling with her shoes during class. The teacher, whose name has not been released, allegedly humiliated the 6-year-old student in front of her classmates by throwing the little girl's sandals into the trash.

Taraji's mother Chartrese Edwards told WSPA-TV that her daughter started crying one morning before school saying that she didn't want to wear the shoes her mother had picked out her for her. When Chartrese asked her daughter what was wrong, she said, "I was messing with my shoes, and the teacher told me either six times or seven, and I never listened." Taraji continued to say that the sandal strap was bothering her during math class and her teacher threw them in the trash and made her walk around barefoot for part of the day.

While the teacher eventually allowed Taraji to pick her shoes out of the trash, the little girl said the incident embarrassed her and made her the target of teasing in the classroom. "I do not want to get treated like that," she said. "I'm only six."

Understandably her mother thought the punishment was "malicious" and is asking for a just punishment, but the teacher, whose name has not been released by the school district, insisted that she had done nothing wrong.

Greenville County Schools District said in a statement that embarrassment or humiliation were not acceptable forms of punishment and that the teacher’s actions are now under investigation.

Clearly Taraji's parents do not think sufficient action is being taken as they have started an online fundraiser in hope of sending little Taraji to a private school. For now, the school district has approved a homeschool teacher for Taraji.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: stickas/Getty Images)


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