Watch: This Teen’s Hilarious Video Will Make You Think Twice Before Using a Face Mask

(Photo: Cachet Raynor via Twitter)

Watch: This Teen’s Hilarious Video Will Make You Think Twice Before Using a Face Mask

Beauty is pain, but not that much pain.

Published September 9, 2016

It’s no secret that women will go through great lengths to make themselves feel beautiful. In the past, the actual process that the average woman experiences during a beauty routine was often kept a mystery. However, many beauty and lifestyle vlogs have put at-home beauty treatments in the spotlight, which has inspired many young people to follow trend. 

Cachet Raynor, 17, of Glen Burnie, Maryland, decided to record herself trying out a new facial mask. Her product of choice was the PIL'ATEN blackhead remover suction black mask, and based on Raynor’s experience, the company should emphasize the word “suction.”

In the video, we see Raynor attempting to peel off a dried mask. When she begins to remove it, all hope for remaining calm goes out the window as she hilariously screams out in pain.

A series of expletives and cries come out the teenager’s mouth, along with some laugh out loud moments. 

During one part of the video, Raynor has such a difficult time pulling off the mask that her eyes begin to water. Although she is in pain, she can’t help but notice how well the product worked.

“My eyes watering up,” Raynor begins. “But my skin soft.”

Once Raynor posted the video to her Twitter page it immediately became a viral sensation. A Facebook page, djsamyirssak, known for posting trending viral videos, reposted Raynor’s clip and the video received over 18 million views and even funnier comments.

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Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Cachet Raynor via Twitter)


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