The Touching Story Behind The Little Dream House This Single Mom Gave Her Daughter

(Photo: Alexis Smith)

The Touching Story Behind The Little Dream House This Single Mom Gave Her Daughter

Alexis Smith survived domestic violence.

Published September 11, 2016

Social media is cheering on Alexis Smith and her daughter and the inspiring reason why is absolutely adorable.

The 21-year-old college student is a single mother who recently taught her daughter an important lesson that the world is hers, gifting her a dream little house to help show that she can be independent at an early age.

Smith bought her daughter, Nova, a playhouse and its furnishings are incredible, fully equipped with a pink kitchen set and a tiny Mercedes-Benz.

“Her grandma has already gotten the car and a kitchen for her birthday,” Smith shared in an interview. “So I decided, why not give her a full set up!”

Sharing her daughter’s new home, Smith captioned the photos, “My daughter living better than I am.” The tweet has since seen over 15,000 retweets with people praising the 1-year-old for “living her best life.”

Smith, a survivor of domestic abuse, shared that the reason behind the present is much more than just for fun, explaining that she hopes to show her daughter, “what she’s supposed to have on her own at an early age so she knows that she can be independent when she gets older.”

“I’ve always been the type tone on my own and finding a way for myself,” the mother added. “Once she was born, I vowed to myself and to her that I would always give her the world so nobody else would have to, and no one could ever throw in her face what they’ve ever done for her, no matter what.”

We are absolutely in support of these lessons. Salut, Mama!

Check out some praise for Smith and her daughter’s precious little home in the tweets below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Alexis Smith)


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