Look: Memphis Dance Coach Arrested for Having Sex with a Minor and Exposing the Teen to HIV

Look: Memphis Dance Coach Arrested for Having Sex with a Minor and Exposing the Teen to HIV

John Conner III recently appeared on the Lifetime show "Bring It."

Published September 19, 2016

Police in Memphis, Tennessee, have arrested an area dance teacher after learning that he may have had sex with a male minor. John Conner III was apprehended for soliciting sex with a minor by using an online dating app.

Conner was a dance coach who had been featured on Lifetime’s reality program called Bring It.

It is alleged that 26-year-old Conner used the app to meet up with a 16-year-old boy. After the two met up, they engaged in unprotected sex. Additionally, Conner allegedly failed to notify the unidentified minor that he was HIV positive and exposed the boy to the virus.

It is believed that Conner and the boy met and had unprotected sex several times and that the two also sent texts that described sexual acts as well as exchanged nude photos.

On Friday, Conner was arrested by local police and charged with criminal exposure to HIV, soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor and statutory rape by an authority figure.

Conner has responded to the charges and allegations through an Instagram post. In the statement, the dance coach said:

“For those who no me no my truth and for those who don't know me are subject to believe what you here or read. Well I am asking those that no me to make those who don't aware of the type of person I am and the character I have. Yes I have been accused of something that is so not true and yes I turned myself in as soon as I heard I was being looked for. Notice I said I turned myself in. I have nothing to run from or hold my head down for.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: John Conner via Facebook)


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