Watch: Several Suspicious Devices Found in New Jersey Train Station

Watch: Several Suspicious Devices Found in New Jersey Train Station

And footage from moment one of the objects exploded.

Published September 19, 2016


Mohammad Rahami Sr., the father of Ahmad Khan Rahami, claimed he notified the FBI about Rahami's terror-like behavior after the Chelsea bomber reportedly stabbed his brother and hit his stepmother.

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation of Rahami. They've claimed that they don't have any prior records on the suspect. When the incident with Rahami's brother and stepmother occurred, Rahami's father alleges that the FBI cleared him for any terrorist activity.

Authorities are now looking into Rahami's past, including trips he has made to Pakistan.

Before the shooting, Rahami's mother and wife left the country. His mother traveled to Turkey while his wife prepared to travel to Pakistan. However, his wife was stopped by officials in the United Arab Emirates.


An explosion occurred in the Elizabeth New Jersey Transit station while a police robot attempted to disarm a suspicious device.

Late Sunday evening, officials were notified about five suspicious devices located in trash cans. The two men who found the devices told police that they saw a backpack with pipes and wires coming out of it.

NJ transit and Amtrak trains were held while special units investigated the reported devices. The FBI Bomb Squad led the investigation at the Elizabeth train station. While one of the police robots attempted to disarm one device, it triggered an explosion.

Officials believe that these devices may not have been left for explosion; rather someone dropped the backpack in an attempt to get rid of it. Officials believe this because the device did not appear to have a detonator attached. The explosion only occurred when the police robot cut one of the wires on the device.

Also, the FBI took five people into custody following the explosion that took place in Chelsea in Manhattan on Saturday night. 29 people were injured from the Chelsea explosion; all have been released from the hospital. Additionally, main suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami is in custody in New Jersey.

The FBI will question all suspects to determine whether or not Rahami acted alone or worked in a group. It is not yet known if the five suspects being questioned by the FBI are involved with Rahami.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jessica Remo/NJ Advance Media via AP)


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