Look: The Heartbreaking Post From a Teacher at Terence Crutcher's Daughter's School

Look: The Heartbreaking Post From a Teacher at Terence Crutcher's Daughter's School

Racism has left a child without a father and classmates struggling to cope.

Published September 24, 2016

With the untimely death of Terence Crutcher, another Black man killed by the hands of the police, many have used this as a continued opportunity to educate the younger generation on what it means to be Black in America. Rebecca Lee, a teacher at KIPP Tulsa College Preparatory, where Crutcher's daughter attends, shared a lengthy Facebook post explaining how she explained the recent happenings to her students and the emotional response she received was heartbreaking.

Lee explained that she and other teachers felt they "needed to press pause and create a space for kids to share their thoughts and feelings." She continued that she penned it for the purpose of facilitating open discussion about the unjust incident among students in fifth, sixth, and seventh/eighth grade classes.

During the discussions, she asked her students to read articles about the shooting and highlight words and statements that stuck with them during the readings.

"If you can put yourself in the shoes of a child of color in Tulsa right now, you will have a clearer understanding of the crisis we're facing and why we say 'Black Lives Matter,'" she wrote.

Take a look at the emotional Facebook post, below:

After completing the assignments, she said students began asking questions about Crutcher's daughter, now that her father is gone.

"What will she do at father daughter dances? Who will walk her down the aisle? Why did no one help him after he was shot? Hasn't this happened before? Can we write her cards? Can we protest?" — These were just a few of the questions the students asked.

Since its original posting, it has been shared more than 150,000 times.

Recap Terence Crutcher's unjust killing in the video, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings

(Photo: Tulsa World TV via Screenshot)


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