Watch: Distraught Sister of Alfred Olango Tearfully Yells at Shooting Officers

(Photo: Rumbie Mubaiwa via Facebook)

Watch: Distraught Sister of Alfred Olango Tearfully Yells at Shooting Officers

“I called for help. I didn’t call you guys to kill him,” she said.

Published September 28, 2016

The fatal shooting of Alfred Olango in El Cajon has caused much public criticism of the police response. Many witnesses gathered at the scene after the shooting and documented the effects. One witness captured Olango’s sister, Sarah, and her emotional response.

According to police records, Sarah, who identified herself as Olango’s sister, called the police to report that he was behaving oddly. When police arrived on the scene, they saw Olango pacing back and forth.

The officers alleged that Olango was not following their orders and pulled an object out of his pocket. Although the object was not a gun, one of the responding officers fired his weapon several times and struck Olango, who later died at the hospital.

In the video, Sarah who was visibly upset, questioned the officers.

“Don’t you guys have a crisis communication team to talk to somebody mentally sick?” she asked an officer. “Why couldn’t you Tase him? Why, why, why, why?”

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis has urged protesters to remain calm and hold off on rushing to any judgments before all the facts are in.

“Now is the time for calm,” Davis said. “Now is the time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law.

Additional witnesses on the scene claim that Olango had his hands up at the time of the shooting, yet police have not confirmed those statements. Protests at the scene of the shooting started almost immediately.

The entire video of Sarah and other witnesses can be seen below. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Rumbie Mubaiwa via Facebook)


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