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Watch: Shocking Police Video Shows Officers Attempting to Run Over A Homeless Man Before Shooting Him

With lights flashing, a police cruiser responds to a duty call as it speeds along State Street in downtown Chicago.

Watch: Shocking Police Video Shows Officers Attempting to Run Over A Homeless Man Before Shooting Him

What led up to the horrific scene.

Published October 1, 2016

Back in July, two police officers in Sacramento, California had an altercation with a homeless man that tragically ended in his death.

Months later, the police department has decided to release footage of the incident from the dash-cam video and what was captured truly is inexcusably disgusting behavior. 

As seen in the video below, the cops can be heard saying “f**k this guy,” and giving each other approval towards the mutual decision to try to run over Joseph Mann with their squad car.

“I’m going to hit him,” one officer can be heard saying.

“Ok. Go for it, go for it,” his partner responds in agreement.

As reported, the officers, Randy Lozoya and John Tennis, recklessly drove their vehicle towards the homeless man, making several attempts to hit him, ultimately scaring the man who then began to try to run away from them.

Following the officers’ mutual decision to try to hit him with their car, both men exit the vehicle, run towards Mann and shoot him no less than 14 times. The 18 total shots they fired can also be heard in the dash-cam footage.

As pointed out by the Sacramento News and Review, the video contradicts the officers’ statement that they resorted to using their weapons only after their tactics to deescalate the situation failed. Mann was reported to have a gun and a knife, but police did not report they found a gun.

According to a police spokesman, the two officers are currently on “modified duty,” and both have been listened as defendants in a federal lawsuit filed last month against the city by Mann’s family, who claim that officers should not have used lethal force.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Bruce Leighty/ Getty Images)


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